‘The Crayon Collection’ – Buchanan

This is the lead single from Buchanan’s final project ‘The Crayon Collection’ which drops today January 25. Over the course of two albums and three EPs Buchanan got to experience everything an artist can ever dream of: live TV performances, international radio play, millions of streams, lots and lots of touring including festivals and arenas,Continue reading “‘The Crayon Collection’ – Buchanan”

Myazwe – Blue Lights

After dropping his debut album in 2017 which has gained over 500,000 streams to date and booking over 50 shows in 3 different countries, Myazwe is back better than he’s ever been and is ready to take the game by storm. Check out his latest visuals to ‘Blue Lights’

TeawhYB – “Letters Inbetween” (Debut EP)

WARNING : may cause inexplicable dancing. TeawhYB’s (pronounced T-Y-B) debut EP: Letters Inbetween is a stylistic showcase of what the future holds for the emerging Alternative Hip-Hop artist out of Wisconsin. Each song a unique approach to the hip-hop genre transforming from bare-bone and conscious R&B, to classically fresh freestyle rap, to heavy-drop-melodic-storytelling, to “movingContinue reading “TeawhYB – “Letters Inbetween” (Debut EP)”

Adobo -Limbo

Illinois-based rapper @whoadobo and Minnesota-native producer @yourbeautifulruin are back with “Limbo,” a melodic and soothing single. The guitar riff is prominent in the hypnotic lo-fi beat, and Adobo captures the games and pitfalls of love with impeccably honest lyrics about alcohol, behavior and nostalgia of romance. “Limbo” is relaxed, and feels like a wavering dream.Continue reading “Adobo -Limbo”