Teejayx6 drops off “Gadgets” single

Upcoming recording artist out of Detroit, MI Teejayx6 drops off “Gadgets” single

Teejayx6 has been one of the leading artist in this new subgenre of hip-hop to make scamming the primary focus of his content. Over the last few months, his buzz has continued to grow and it seems like 2020 could very well be a big year for him. Today, the rapper returned with his new single, “Gadgets.” Teejay’s all over the place as he details the ins and outs of the scamming game. The rapper pushes bars about switching phones and collecting bags as he continues to master the swiping game.

His new song arrives just weeks after he pulled up with his song, “Ambitions As A Swiper” which samples the classic 2Pac record of a similar name.