Cardi B is now demanding $30 million in damages from her former manager Shaft

According to court documents, Cardi B has filed a lawsuit against her ex-manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael. It all started last April when Shaft sued the Cardi for $10 million; claiming that she breached her contract by ditching him for another manager. Cardi then countersued him for $15 million stating he actually screwed her over detailing the laundry list of things she believes he did wrong while managing her. The singer was originally only seeking $15 million in damages but apparently that isn’t enough, she now wants $10 million in compensatory damages and another $20 million in punitive damages. Cardi claims that Shaft made her believe her interests were being protected but she says they were not. She accuses him of taking a bigger cut of her income than allowed.