Yo Gotti hit with a $6.6 million lawsuit for taking a payment for a feature and never releasing the song!

According to a report TMZ published on Tuesday (May 28), a North Carolina judge hit the rapper with a $6.6 million default judgment. Artist Young Fletcher allegedly paid $20,000 for a Gotti collab that was either never released or was never recorded in the first place. The celebrity news site says Gotti blew off the recording session, but Fletcher is also suing in part because Gotti never released the song, which suggests that the song was made.

It’s also alleged that Yo Gotti recorded a song similar to the one he was making with Young Fletcher; before going behind the back of Fletcher’s manager and trying to sign the artist to a $150,000 deal to his record label, CMG.

Yo Gotti was reportedly served court papers on the case while performing onstage but he apparently never responded to the suit. During a recent hearing, the judge allegedly granted a $2.2 million judgment and then tripled the payout because the judge found “willful, unfair and deceptive acts” conducted by Gotti.

Fletcher’s manager, Michael Terry, told TMZ that they are planning to go after Gotti’s Bel-Air mansion, cars and other luxury items in order to collect the money.

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