Over a sinister production by Jacks Wasted, TeawhYB’s smoothly-aggressive approach to the pop-trap genre fits the niche without compromising originality. “Linger” depicts the break-up from a lingering ex while simultaneously distancing the artist from a genre that often recycles flows and art. Bouncing between a soulfully-sung chorus and verse, “Linger” evolves through the second portion of the track displaying vocal range and tactful rapping.

The Wisconsin Alt-Hip-Pop artist TeawhYB is not for the close-minded. The gay-identifying artist has taken the Midwest music scene by storm with an intimate and eclectic sound. Recently named, “Best Hip-Hop Artist” of 2019 by entertainment magazine Volume One, TeawhYB showcases mainstream appeal on pop-dance banger, “Dance All Night” while juggling personal identity on the smooth emo-alternative single, “Hide ‘n’ Seek”. Currently circuiting venues and universities with a highly-engaging and energetic performance, TeawhYB is captivating audiences with a series of releases continuing through the year.

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