21 Savage Has Felony Warrant

21 Savage Has Felony Warrant For Alleged Theft After Skipping Club Gig.

in 2016, 21 was booked to play a gig in Southern Georgia. He allegedly got a $9,500 advance from the promoter and got the $7,500 balance when he showed up at the Gig.

But, 21 bailed without taking the stage, and left with the money. In total, the promoter claimed she was out $17,000.

The promoter went to cops in October 2016, and filed a police report along with paperwork to get a felony warrant for theft by deception. The warrant was issued, but sat for more than 2 years.

After 21 was picked up by ICE on Super Bowl Sunday, the club owner decided to pursue the criminal case. The promoter called the sheriff’s office to pick 21 up on the warrant.